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A loan that has a short repayment time is known as a short-term or a payday loan. These types of loans are usually used a crutch to help an individual out till their next payday. A fixed rate fee is charged per every 100 borrowed.
An instalment loan is simply a higher value loan usually up to 2000. You have longer to repay the loan and the interest rate often isn't as steep.
Taking personal circumstances into consideration you can borrow from 100 - 2000.
There are strict rules that govern companies like ours that dictate that we must show the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which are calculated based on paying a certain, fixed amount of interest each year. Because short-term/payday loans are given out over a 30-day period as a maximum term, it is difficult to use APR to determine how competitive rates are, since they are based on a 12- month period, not 30 days. The lenders we work with are often more focused on the amount of money they are loaning on a short-term basis and the amount you will pay back, rather than on APR. As such, the various finance companies we work with offer competitive rates for short-term loans. This is the same reason why instalment loans have a lower APR because their repayment periods are often extended over greater periods of time.
Firstly fill in our application form so that we can match you with a lender that fits your criteria. The last stage of the process involves dealing with the lender directly. They may have additional questions/requirements that need to be met in order for your loan application to be finalized. Providing all the necessary information has been given your loan could be in your bank account on the very same day that you apply.
To apply you have to be 18 or over, reside in the UK and are in regular employment. Applicants must have a valid bank account allowing direct deposits. The loan will be paid only into the account to which the debit card you supply is registered.
If for any reason repayment is likely to be missed or delayed DO NOT DEFER IN CONTACTING YOUR LENDER DIRECTLY. Communication is key. Prompt action at this time can safe guard you against developing serious debt problems.
The loan will only be paid into the account to which the debit card you supply is registered to.
Repayments are to be made on your next pay day using your debit card.
Credit checks are an integral part of our payday loan application process. Do not let bad credit history deter you from applying. In many cases, there are still various loan options available.
No. Our payday loan matching service is completely free to use.

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